About Us

U.S. Wheel’s beginnings go back to the early 60’s with the family owned metal stamping facility.  In the 80’s we branched off with a small back alley shop and began manufacturing completed steel wheels.  Now that we’re entering the 21st century we have steadily and consistently grown to become one of the leading suppliers of two piece steel wheels in the country combining quality, strength and style with affordability.  Our manufacturing and assembly plant has grown to over 100,000 square feet with the ability to produce over 5,000 wheels per day.  U.S. Wheel now distributes wheels throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as Latin America, Europe and Asia.  As we continue to grow with an eye towards the future, we keep in mind the qualities in our past which have made this growth possible - qualities that where founded on a commitment to excellence.

Unlike many aluminum wheel manufacturers that offer a steel wheel line only as a compliment to their aluminum wheels, our focus is on steel wheels - all types of steel wheels.  We have a complete line of both painted and chrome plated aftermarket wheels.  We also have available steel wheels for trailer applications, from 8” through 24”.  Early every fall we run “snow” or change over wheels for our customers in northern climates.  When it comes to steel, we are unsurpassed in the industry.

Our quality control standards are such that each wheel is individually inspected prior to shipment.  Our extensive inventory allows us to ship most orders in one to five working days with a fill rate that is rivaled by no other company.  All of this, combined with our knowledgeable customer representatives, technical support and innovative web site make dealing with U.S. Wheel one of the best vendor/customer relationships you will ever experience.

U.S. Wheel will continue it's pursuit of perfection offering quality, strength and style backed by service, supply and affordability.  While our history of success grows, our drive and determination to be the best in the industry will continue to grow even stronger...and that kind of commitment is timeless.